The best planning you've ever seen.

Connect with hundreds of online agencies and receive reservations automatically.
Manage it all in one place.

Everything you need, at a glance.

Everything you need to see, without having to click into the details of each reservation. Depending on the channel where the reservation was made, we show you the color, so you can identify it in a sigh. If the strip at the bottom is green, you can rest easy, because the reservation has already been paid, if it is red, you have an outstanding issue with the guest.

If the guest has left a special request, the bubble icon will appear next to their name, you just have to go over to read it.

Relocating reservations and extending stays has never been easier.

If you need to extend the room or move it, simply click and drag, it is so fast and easy, that you have to try it to believe it.

The “relocate” tool will allow you to modify the rates of a particular reservation, as well as change it for room type or dates.

You can also calculate the price automatically or assign it yourself.

Infinite calendar with zoom.

Forget the limits. The calendar is infinite. All the reservations of this month, next month, on a single screen.

Automatic allocation of reservations.

Thanks to the intelligent planning and the reliable connection, all the reservations received will be assigned automatically as accommodation units are configured.

Filter by guest or room in real time. Seeing is believing.

A planning that facilitates the search of the guest because you can search with filters. Filter by customer name or room number and you will have the result you were looking for in a matter of milliseconds.

Perfect integration

The best PMS can only be overcome with the best integrations. Our property management software is constantly growing, connecting with the best partners in the industry.

WuBook Channel Manager

Google Hotel Coming Soon

Prestige Channel Manager

TripAdvisor Coming Soon