A unified rate system

A different rate for each sales channel, or not.

Define your pricing strategy and apply the prices as best suits your business.

You can assign the same rates to all channels and keep a parity or have different prices depending on the channel.

Copy rates and add increases or discounts.

We facilitate the task of creating rates with the tool that copies the prices, being able to add increases or discounts in the new copied rates.

Hello Revenue! Define day-to-day prices or apply rules.

A rate management system so flexible that it gives you the option of defining day-to-day prices or, if you prefer, applying rules with discounts, increases, in percentage, in  natural value, etc…

At Hotelgest we want you to maximize your incomes in the simplest way.

Modify long periods, at a fixed price or with increments.

Create long periods with different rates.

Define date range, apply prices on specific days of the week, define increments, discounts or fixed prices.

Modifying rates has never been so flexible.

Join the Revolution!

Perfect integration

The best PMS can only be overcome with the best integrations. Our vacation rental software is constantly growing, connecting with the best partners in the industry.

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