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Increase your productivity

Save time by avoiding having to access various platforms to manage your hotel.

Third-party connectivity

Don't worry by connecting everything you're interested in to our platform, POS, restoration software, or even the best channel managers on the market. Manage them from a single portal, avoid overbookings and buy time.


Automate collections

Forget about fraud by setting rules and letting PMS automatically charge your bookings.


Increase your income

Create your own rules to automatically regulate the optimal price based on your occupation and competence.


Automatic check-outs

Save the queues at the exit, let your guests pay, generate their bill and check out for themselves from their mobile.


Happier guests

Save your guests time and reduce staff. From online check-in, to sending automatic keys, through automatic collection, sending data to the police, INE, etc...

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Our story

In 2015 we managed hotels and apartments in a family environment, we were looking for a multi-language software, easy and that would allow us to carry the management in our pocket because we did not have permanent reception.

All with the idea of being able to remain a sustainable business without investing in staff most of the benefits that were obtained and automating all possible tasks.

After intense searches and ending without opting for software at the height of what we were looking for, one of us who by then worked as head of product design in a design studio, decides to give it all up and design a management software thinking about the main problems we had: be able to save time, offer a short learning curve and a fully open architecture to be able to connect any platform and automate most tasks.

A commission that complicated everything

It was just before he left the design studio that a commission arrived that just shared a similar problem. It was about developing a system for the road to Santiago, where   in each accommodation, there would be a screen, with information of prices and availability, in addition to the photographs of the accommodation of the next stage.  

The only solution was to opt for a cloud system, which was also open and we could develop our own tools. We already knew from the previous exercise that there was no such system, that it also had a good design and an ease of use of 100.

For the latter we had to find a strategic partner that could develop such madness. In the least expected way, by small coincidences of life, we found what looked like an engineer tired of his work and eager to start a new adventure in his life.

We developed a web structure, which connected to a channel manager,to download bookings from various agencies, in addition to sending availability and prices, everything was downloaded in real time to a database, we made an API, and a website that consulted on it. So in 2 weeks we had a system that read information in real time, let the hosts insert their prices and photographs, as well as see their occupancy and reservations in a very visual planning.  Then we created a website, for the TVs of each accommodation, that would go in a Raspberry PI, with systems that would detect whether it was in operation or not, to warn to detect which hosting the system used and which was not, since depending on the reservations received at each stage, a commission would be paid to the establishment. 

This project was done with 50 accommodations at a time. It was a failure. The accommodations were not digitized enough and preferred to keep control in a notebook. 

The system responded perfectly and that’s when we realized that, on a very small scale, we had a PMS.

That's when our biggest headache was born 😎

We were one more solution in the cloud. Having invested all the money we had and without customers yet, we launched our first e-mail campaign, which was successful by the fluidity of the software and the design that allowed us to learn it in less than 7 days and save 5 hours a week of work.

Hotel Sa Voga, the first customer.

Thus we started our first staging with small establishments, which, tired of the solutions that were there, decided to bet blindly. Nuria, director and owner of Hotel Sa Voga, was key to the initial and subsequent development. Being a Boutique Hotel, its needs were very specific and gradually we were polishing the system until adjusting it to 100 needs, this is a practice that is currently still being done and is in the DNA of the company.

5 years later, thanks to all the accommodations that were relying on hotelgest, the flexible architecture of the platform and the great vision behind us, we have become the most flexible, dynamic and fast software in the world, being contracted by chains of all kinds and sizes, offering unique pioneering solutions for all sizes and types of accommodation.

A guest-centered PMS

Unlike other PMS that excuse the property with hundreds of integrations, our vision is to offer you everything you need on a single platform and always targeting the host.

That is why in addition to being the first to develop the first, faster and most reliable ID and Mobile Passport reader with the aim of break up reception/customer   barriers allowing you to register anywhere, we’ve been the first to avoid this task, no matter how fast.

Thanks to our online check-in, emails and automatic payments, you can have a 100 autonomous reception, so that your guest feels at home.

Our method

Hotelgest is a comprehensive multi-platform cloud management software.

The goal of our clients is the same as our founding fathers as they themselves manage hotels and apartments:

Increase productivity, reduce your daily tasks to the maximum and not be dependent.

Forget about reviewing your reservations with a system that places them in a planning and charges them automatically, adjust prices depending on your occupation and competition, send the data to law enforcement, make check-ins manually at reception, generate keys, review debts with customers, better understand your metrics with comparable dynamic reports… Etc

Our management software is designed to avoid these and many other tasks, so you can dedicate yourself to what matters to you and let technology do the most difficult and time-consuming tasks.

That’s why we’ve developed our hotelgest360 method which is based on 6 fundamental pillars:


Hotelgest is a comprehensive PMS Cloud designed for revenue growth.

With the same 24 hours a day, you can manage a business or business; the company is managed by anyone, a business is more complex. We want you to turn your business into a business.

This is where our obsession is born to automate every possible process, from check-in to pricing automatically. Every euro counts, and we don’t mean saving, we mean to earn more with less, thanks to complex algorithms and a highly dynamic platform.

Our strength lies in being and staying young, new technologies are not for everyone. We make it easy for you to enjoy your time and work happily.


Virtually all of our customers hallucinate when they ask us for something and have it in a few weeks or even days.

At first he missed us, but the more we grow and the more chains and accommodations they hire us, the more we know what is technically called “competition” and then everything makes sense: For what we are an opportunity to improve the product and earn a nice relationship, listening to you and implementing your ideas at no cost, others see it as an extra income.

That’s why in the same system you will find a dedicated section where you can see what we are doing, what ideas there are, vote on our own or those of other users or even add your own.

It’s all doors that open.


We know that changing the system is a real madness, we have lived it.

That’s why we focus, above all, on offering you a small learning curve with the most intuitive interface possible and with a method to import your data so that you do not lose the history or your current list of customers.

Our goal is that in less than a week you master the PMS as if you’ve been working with it all your life.


Our software is a pioneer in innovation and development, always being at the forefront and with an enterprise architecture that allows development teams to innovate and offer unique tools, always with the aim of making you minimize your daily tasks.

This includes not having to worry about software updates as you don’t rely on architectures on your server. It’s a 100 system in the cloud where you’re never going to get out of the way or stay in versions that you can’t update as it will do it automatically.


Are there really systems that force you to pay maintenance fees, to manage your backups and also do not update the system because you are in a very old version? At Hotelgest we think that this should be company values, we must be responsible for your data, improve the product and make your life easy.

That’s why our systems are monitored 24/7, 365 days a year.

We manage backups.

We work in a 100 cloud environment that will allow you to access your data and that of your customers, anywhere in the world, without worrying about anything and at a speed that you have never experienced before, since we are the fastest PMS, being cloud or without being. Fasten your seat belt!


If our mother asked us if we were proud of the system, we’d say no. Perfection does not exist, despite receiving reviews from 5 stars continuously.

We are always looking for how to improve what others are still thinking about how to do it.

One of our strengths is to integrate new partners to make your life even easier… how? Well, before I told you about our obsession with automating everything, it wasn’t a joke.

It is one thing for the system to generate the keys in an automatic way and send it to the guest, another, to compare the face of their ID with a selfie with algorithms and other things several, another adjust the prices without you noticing based on the events of the area, your competition or occupation, which is also cool… But another is to generate an automatic WiFi code, limit the speed and send it to your guest just as you check in, as well as invite them to pay to increase their speed if you need it and, at the same time, send the bill at the end of your stay… take that one! And that’s not about the system, it’s because of the high connectivity of our architecture, and that’s what we’re proud of.

You can connect your bookings to third-party platforms such as Booking, Expedia, Airbnb… Etc.

If you're one of the conservatives who prefers another more veteran company and you don't see enough that we've managed:
+ 1400
+ M
years with dedicated IT team
There you, but think about the following, the messenger pigeons are older than your mobile phone. Because you have a cell phone, right?

How weird...

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