ID and passport reader? Ask for more!

We were the first to offer the technology to be able to scan virtually any type of identity document.

Now we are the first to bring you control of your hotel to the palm of your hand.

Do not imagine doing everything anywhere. Do it.

App available for Standard and Premium plans

Control the past and the future.

Choose the date you want and check the arrivals, stays and departures. Click on the reservation to access the quick actions and be able to scan, add notes, payments and much more.

Everything you need. A
single screen.

We know what is important to you. That is why on the same screen you can see, the number of nights, people, origin, payment status and even work orders or private notes that you can check as they are done.

Booking details.

Click on any reservation to open the details page, you can check-in, check-out, cancel, reactivate, send booking confirmation, add payments, notes, view the articles booked and much more. Wherever you are. Isn't it easy?

Booking calendar.

Choose between compact or expanded view. Search for reservations, identify them by agency colors and know the payment status easily. Click on it to see the quick action menu.

Activity and search.

Wherever you are, you will receive a notice every time someone books your place, including the reservations made by your front desk staff. Search for any reservation, either by name or number, click on it to see the quick action menu. Voilà!

Perfect integration

The best PMS can only be overcome with the best integrations. Our property management software is constantly growing, connecting with the best partners in the industry.

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Google Hotel Coming Soon

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