The easiest way to make complex invoices.

Make invoices in a second.

Make complex invoices in a very easy way.

Invoice without needing to check-in, invoice the items you want and generate as many invoices as items you have.

Send the invoice by email to the customer.

Imagine any scenario, with Hotelgest it is possible.

Make credit notes easily.

You can make credit notes with a single click, from the same interface.

Each invoice issued is subject to have its credit note. The credit note numbering can differ from that of invoices to easily identify them.

Different invoices in the same reservation.

Hotelgest makes it easy for you to bill as many items as you have in the same reservation. You put the limits.

Perfect integration

The best PMS can only be overcome with the best integrations. Our property system management software is constantly growing, connecting with the best partners in the industry.

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