Put your accommodation on autopilot

Save up to 90% of your daily tasks by automating processes with the industry's most flexible, dynamic and fast-growing PMS cloud.

— Why hotelgest?

A multi-platform all-in-one cloud system that saves you 90% of your daily tasks by taking your hosting to the 100% autonomous.


you'll be passionate about.

We help you increase your productivity, so you spend time with those who matter most, yours.

With our software you can reduce up to 90% of your daily tasks using automations. From the simplest to the most complex, such as pricing, you’ll therefore reduce costs in time and staff.

Fear is caused by a feeling of the unknown. As we are one of the few most complete management softwares that are in the cloud, it is normal to have it. It is a transition, such as from the letter to the e-mail or from the landline to the mobile. In a few weeks you will be happy and confort so you don’t have to worry about losing data. You should feel fear now.

Our system is open to third parties, already having a wide range of platforms to connect, in addition to being open to connect your requirements.

Complies with PSD2 regulations in a easy way Set up the system to take care of processing payments days before arrival and you just worry about having the room ready.

Choosing between individual, group, company and repeater is a thing of the past. Make as many segments as you want even while you’re creating the reservation. Schedule the hotelgest PMS to apply the segments automatically, depending on which rules are met.

Do you have multiple hotels, apartments or houses? Manage them from a single platform, with different POS, accounting lines and much more.

Save your guests time with the world's most advanced online check-in.

Say goodbye to the reception and offer your guests state-of-the-art technology, avoid queues and contact

It's not just a PMS. It's the ultimate one. A suite of tools that will blow you away

And best of all, it saves you dozens of hours by automating complex processes. I haven't seen anything like it.

Automatic segmentation

Apply rules to target your customers and take them to a marketing campaign automatically.

100% Autonomous

From the adjustment of the sale price to the loyalty of the guest, through the generation of the key


A system capable of managing different buildings simultaneously, on the same account or in different accounts.


More than 20 partners have already connected to hotelgest, referring to us   as the ultimate PMS in the cloud for its flexibility and high performance.

Forget about making keys
with a 100% autonomous PMS

You don’t have to do the access codes. The hotelgest PMS does this automatically and sends it to your guest via e-mail or SMS.

They will also receive a link to open the door by simply swiping, without the need for APP or Bluetooth.

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